Experience the Supply Chain

Have you always wanted to take a look at how the supply chain is structured and which roles are involved?

The initiators have joined forces and will give you a peek behind the scenes. From the transport of raw materials, storage, transhipment, distribution, customs activities and the management of the entire chain, we give you a quick insight in our sector.

Interested in joining our live stream? You can access this by using the button below. Live stream starts at 10:00 am until 11:45 am (Wednesday 07-09-2022).

Are you curious about your opportunities in our sector? Join the HR break-out sessions of the initiators during two rounds:

*) The break-out sessions have a duration of 15 minutes. Round 1 starts at 11:45 am and round 2 at 12:05 pm.

Meet the initiators


Customs Support is the neutral and digital customs partner in Europe. A fast pacing company that stands for knowledge, customs compliance and efficient IT solutions.

Every day more than 1250 customs specialists and 100 Brexit experts are working for our clients to arrange customs matters. Teams of specialists advise customers and solve challenges on fiscal representation and customs documents. We have extended our services with gas measurements, veterinary declarations and customs consultancy to make sure goods move through their supply chain and across borders safely, efficiently and without hassle or delay.

Customs procedures can be complex. Laws and regulations are constantly evolving and changing. Each change can have big implications for shippers. Our experts follow these changes closely and always work in accordance with the latest regulations. In order to optimize cooperation with all our customers and their relations, we invest extra in training our specialists and in technology & innovation. In this way, we can also continue to comply with the AEO conditions. For companies, these customs regulations can seem like an unfathomable jungle. Our specialists know how to find their way through this jungle.


Family business Ewals Cargo Care was founded in 1906 by Alfons Ewals. The company became well known for its transport to and from the United Kingdom, especially for the automotive industry. More than 100 years and 3 generations later, the company has developed into a full-service logistics player with a wide range of services in a large number of sectors, including the automotive, logistics services, consumer goods, manufacturing and packaging industry. Ewals Cargo Care organizes full, partial and project cargoes, optimizes and oversees logistics operations for customers via Control Tower set-ups, and provides Value Added Logistics. Ewals Cargo Care’s activities are focused on Europe and through partners also outside Europe, with a special focus on South-East Asia. Ewals Cargo Care has its own fleet of more than 3,400 Mega Huckepack trailers, mostly with XLS system. With this type of trailer, up to 100 cubic meters of cargo can be transported via a variety of modalities: road, sea and rail. The strength of the multimodal European network is enhanced by Ewals’ local expertise and partnerships. Approximately 2,750 loads are transported daily from 30 offices, spread across 14 countries.


Hutchison Ports Venlo is a tri-modal container terminal operator and offers terminal services in Venlo. Hutchison Ports Venlo operates both a rail and barge terminal. Under the name European Gateway Services, Hutchison Ports Venlo offers transport services to and from the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp and several inland destinations.

Hutchison Ports Venlo handles several trains per day and several inland vessels per week. These trains and barges provide connections to the deep sea terminals and (empty) depots of Rotterdam and Antwerp and other inland destinations. In addition, Hutchison Ports Venlo receives several hundred trucks a day.


As KLG Europe we are one of the leading Logistics Service Providers in Europe. Specialized in European distribution of groupage shipments, 140.000 m2 of modern warehouses and 1275 professional colleagues. KLG Europe has branches in The Netherlands, United Kingdom and in Romania. KLG Trucking and NSWL are also part of the KLG Group. We are market leader on groupage shipments to and from France and one of the leading providers to European countries. KLG Europe is member and shareholder in the two of the leading networks in Europe, named 24plus and ASTRE. With our key locations in Western & Eastern Europe and member of Sinotrans Ltd. we are focused on planning, organization, management, control and execution of operations in the supply chain, from road, rail, ocean and air freight, intermodal, customs clearance or warehousing to contract logistics. KLG Europe has internal customs departments (NL & UK) which obtains an AEO certificate. We bring quality, safety and reliability to an higher level with our certifications and awards. Our proactive attitude will improve the supply chain for our customers. We will do this together with the whole KLG team! We are the logistics partner for our customers.


LogicLeap is part of Vervoerscollege Venlo and offers certified (company) training that make a structural contribution to lifelong learning and labor mobility in the transport and logistics sector.

The focus is on the large group of MBO students and the unqualified employees who need (additional) training. By recognizing their work experience and/or intrinsic motivation and offering training courses that are directly applicable in daily practice, LogicLeap creates an accessible and pleasant learning culture and both employers and employees recognize that training has value.

In addition to a valuable European recognized diploma, we offer multiple starting moments, top teachers from practice, coaching and classroom lessons, in combination with an online learning platform.

Because we graduate according to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF/NLQF), the educational levels are transparent and comparable and our qualifications are recognized throughout Europe.


Seacon Logistics is the Logistics Chain Director for coordinating and optimising the logistics supply chain. Whatever the logistics issue, we will be happy to solve it for our customers. From our strategic inland locations, at home (in Venlo) and abroad, we efficiently manage goods flows in cooperation with a worldwide network of dedicated partners. Flexibility and the creation of tailor-made smart solutions are our driving forces.

In addition to directing the entire logistics chain for our customers, every day we strive to add value. This is how we make logistics processes more successful. We do this through innovative, well-thought out solutions. Our services are focused on forwarding and transport, warehousing, supply chain solutions as well as customs services.

Our focus is always on optimizing our customers’ logistics chains. Seacon Logistics’ expert, well-trained engineers provide a proactive insight into possible improvements. Seacon is known for its entrepreneurial spirit. The combination of our expertise, intelligent data and innovative technology enables us to maximally optimize our supply chain. Every single day.

Do you want a challenging career in our logistics departments or the various staff departments (Sales, Business Development, Finance, HR and Facility)? Get in touch and jump on board!


vidaXL is a rapidly growing international online retailer with a selection of 90,000 products in the home and garden, sports and do-it-yourself categories. We believe that things can always be better and more affordable. With this mentality, we’ve built an effective online retail network with more than 30 webshops all over Europe, Australia, the United States and Asia. In addition, our knowledge, experience and logistic network enable other online retailers to grow along with us through our dropshipment program.


On Wednesday, September 1, 2021, the initiators* of Experience the Supply Chain have once again made it possible to take a digital tour through the supply chain.

All companies are involved in the transport of goods in their own way. The freight is transported via overseas to the ports in Rotterdam and Antwerp, and is transferred to trains to, among others Venlo, where they are stored for further transport within Europe.

Purpose of the tour: ‘We hope to give students and job seekers a better picture of logistics,’ according to the initiators. ‘The image is strongly determined by trucks and warehouse work, but the reality is so much richer and so innovative. ‘We want to let students and job seekers experience some of that.’ The tour was live in 2018 and 2019, 2020 and 2021 a conscious decision was made to switch to the digital version. See below a small selection of our footage.

On Wednesday 7th of September 2022, we will once again, for the 5th year in a row, host an edition of Experience the Supply Chain. In this edition we will bring the benefits from both the digital and physical editions. From a peek behind the scenes in a vlog variant to round table discussion about Sustainability and Innovation. The world does not stand still. This also applies in our industry, no day is the same and no challenge to far! Together we provide a smooth flow in the Supply Chain and are an indispensable link in it. 

*) Initiators: Customs Support, Ewals Cargo Care, Hutchison Ports, KLG Europe, LogicLeap, Seacon Logistics and vidaXL.

Experience the Supply Chain general overview.

Video: After movie Experience the Supply Chain edition 2019, live edition.

Experience the supply chain 2021 -Digital

Live edition 2018

Live edition 2018

Live edition 2018

Digital edition 2021


Three reasons why you want to work in the logistics sector…

Working in the logistics. Being interested in processes from the initial product to the final delivery of the product at the customer is one of the reasons why working in logistics is fun. Of course there are many more reasons and that is why we have listed three reasons below, why working in logistics is highly recommended.


The first reason is; the logistics sector is moving with the times. Behind a large logistics process, a large-scale automation is involved. Think, for example, of ordering products online (e-commerce, e-fulfillment). Orders can sometimes be delivered the same day to consumers. To make this possible, logistics employees need to be able to devise innovative solutions and renewing of the process, simplifying and making it more sustainable.

The rapidly growing e-commerce industry is creating large distribution centres, making the future for job opportunities and job security in the industry very bright.


The second reason is; the logistics sector is challenging. Properly managing the delivery of the right products at the right time and in the right place in not that easy. No day is the same in logistics. The trick is to prevent deviations in the system. For example, it is possible that one day a part of the system is central to further development and the next day a system error has to be repaired.

The systems have to be active 24/7, the globalization of companies and their customers is causing more and more wishes and requirements. The focus of companies is increasingly shifting from national to international.


And the third reason is; a logistics employee is a broad term. As a result, a logistics employee can find a job in countless links of the logistics process at various companies in the sector, but also in a broader sense. For example, tasks can be on operational tactical, strategic or support level. Think, for example, of planning transports, inventorying and managing stocks and preparing transport documents and taking into account customs activities and major changes such as Brexit and model shifts. But also jobs at departments as IT, Marketing, Business Development, Sales, Tenders, Customs and also contact with customers, etc.

Based on the text of (Dutch article): Young Logistics Netherlands (source)


The initiators take a specific role on the event Experience the Supply Chain. Naturally, the initiators provide several logistics activities. In the form below, a brief summary has been made of everyone’s logistics services.

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